I GOT ONE! I REALLY GOT ONE! A SNES CLASSIC…………….. Just kidding. I built an SNES Classic with a Raspberry pi and an awesome SNES Case. Hopefully this will help you build your own. If you have any questions. Like how to transfer using a USB stick, let me know. (I know I didn’t include that in the video… Sry!) Oh, one last thing… If you’re using the HDMI cable, you’ll just need to configure that in the sound menu on the retropie. (leave a comment and I’ll do the best I can to answer any questions you have) Sorry in advance for the name in the game… I HAD TO DO IT!

Software and parts:

Rasp PI 3
SNES Controllers
SD Card
Power Supply

Win DiskImager;

Mac DiskImage Writer:

RetroPie Image:



Once Raspberry pi is set up on Wifi you can connect using this link (go to Run… and type it in) remember they are back slashes

On a Mac go to your desktop Hold down CMD+K (Connect to server in the Go menu) and type in

That should connect you. Let me know if it doesn’t and I’ll help!