Midnight Psychic String of Fate

Midnight Psychic is a gothy post-punk project I’ve been working on with George Moore for a little while. We released our first track Nov 16th. It was mixed and mastered by Adam Stilson. Stay tuned for more releases. Follow our IG, that’s where we post mostly.

Few other links related to the release:

Some Reviews:

vvvrs – b/w c47

Just a quick release of a track I never thought I’d release. I recently re-discovered my project vvvrs (pronounced verse) and plan on releasing a full LP this month.

A Few New songs

First Song is called Partly Whole.  I wrote it awhile back but recently recorded it.

Second song is just a more abstract song i wrote recently…

And lastly an insanely poppy song 


UPDATE: An Electronic Song

So, I haven’t posted many videos as of lately.  Been dealing with some things. But also I’ve accumulated a few songs, some of which are these electronic trace like songs. I’m kind of excited about them. I also am finishing a new indie rock, or whatever you want to call it, album.  Those songs aren’t really done… Buy I wanted to post an electronic one. So here is one.

I’ll be back to making videos soon!