I GOT ONE! I REALLY GOT ONE! A SNES CLASSIC…………….. Just kidding. I built an SNES Classic with a Raspberry pi and an awesome SNES Case. Hopefully this will help you build your own. If you have any questions. Like how to transfer using a USB stick, let me know. (I know I didn’t include that in the video… Sry!) Oh, one last thing… If you’re using the HDMI cable, you’ll just need to configure that in the sound menu on the retropie. (leave a comment and I’ll do the best I can to answer any questions you have) Sorry in advance for the name in the game… I HAD TO DO IT!

Software and parts:

Rasp PI 3
SNES Controllers
SD Card
Power Supply

Win DiskImager;

Mac DiskImage Writer:

RetroPie Image:



Once Raspberry pi is set up on Wifi you can connect using this link (go to Run… and type it in) remember they are back slashes

On a Mac go to your desktop Hold down CMD+K (Connect to server in the Go menu) and type in

That should connect you. Let me know if it doesn’t and I’ll help!

Making a simple synth with a 40106 oscillator circuit

So we build a small dual oscillator synth, with a Transistor LFO!
I also go into excruciating detail on how a breadboard works…
EDIT: It’s been brought to my attention that What I call a “Reducer” is actually called a Regulator.

9V Battery Clip
50k and 1M Linear Potentiometer
IRF 540 MOSFET Transistor
3.5mm Audio Connector
7805 5V Voltage Regulator
0.1 uF and 1.0uF capacitor
40106 Hex Schmitt Trigger
Jumper Wires



A brief history and build of the APC. The infamous Atari Punk Console was originally called “Sound Synthesizer” in a Radio Shack magazine printed in 1980. 25 years later it gets a new name and becomes the beloved Lofi noise synth the glitch folk love! 37 years later and we’re still using it. What an amazing little project!

Components 9V Battery Clip
50k and 100k Linear Potentiometers
1k Resistor
2x 0.1uF and 10uF Capacitor
2x 555 Timer Chips
3.5mm Audio Connector
Jumper Wires

What I based my Schematics on:…

And, as filmguerilla found, Here is the actual Engineer’s mini Notebook from 1984 on archive:…