Vlog #27 – Building an overhead Camera Rig

Built a DIY Overhead Camera rig (Rostrum Camera Stand). It was rough and it definitely doesn’t look great. But it works… And honestly, all things considered, wasn’t horrible to make either. All we need is some decent lighting and some butcher paper (or crafting paper). A real Rostrum Camera Stand (link below) goes for $1,466.50.

Our setup consisted of:
2x 30″ 2×6 boards
1x 10″ 2×6 board
3x 30″ 1-1/4 cast iron pipes
2x cast iron 1-1/4 elbow joints
2x cast iron 1-1/4 footings
2x U-bolts
1x 3/8th bolt
nuts and washers for all the bolts
and a 20 dollar Tripod head.
Total Cost: $84

I think it’s worth it 🙂

Real Copy Stand: http://bhpho.to/2aJY2OY