Short Film: My Mother

A short film about an aspiring writer. This is the second scripted film I made. We did this in 2013/2014. The actors were great. the story is okay. I think production could’ve been a little better. Especially that wide angle AGH. we filmed it on a canon 70d.

A Few New songs

First Song is called Partly Whole.  I wrote it awhile back but recently recorded it.

Second song is just a more abstract song i wrote recently…

And lastly an insanely poppy song 


UPDATE: An Electronic Song

So, I haven’t posted many videos as of lately.  Been dealing with some things. But also I’ve accumulated a few songs, some of which are these electronic trace like songs. I’m kind of excited about them. I also am finishing a new indie rock, or whatever you want to call it, album.  Those songs aren’t really done… Buy I wanted to post an electronic one. So here is one.

I’ll be back to making videos soon!